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Stall Designers
Stall Designers

NOTE: A fabricator who is not registered with the Organizer shall be deemed ineligible to work within the Exhibition Venue for any purpose whatsoever.

We are providing TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR BARE SPACE STALL EXHIBITORS, STALL DESIGNERS, AND OTHER EXHIBITORS Stall holders with bare space stalls or those seeking early stall allocation can secure their positions from November 14, 2024. November 19th is designated as a Blank Day, during which no stall designers are permitted to erect stalls on the exhibition premises. Stall designers not empanelled with our Exhibition must submit a Rs. 10,000/- deposit per stall, refundable after 10 days post-exhibition. Back walls of stalls cannot exceed 8 feet, and front facia walls must not exceed 11 feet. All bare space stall holders must apply for Extra Power for their stalls (1 kW to 3 kW), or arrange for forklift and hydra crane services for heavy machinery loading & unloading at additional charges. After the exhibition concludes on November 22nd, no vehicles are allowed before 11:30 PM. Materials may be hand-carried after 6 PM, while hydra and forklift services are permitted after 11:30 PM. Stall designers may dismantle their stalls after this time. NOTE: The stall designers' details provided are for reference only. The Organizer holds no responsibility for any fraud or damage. Exhibitors are solely responsible for any disputes with stall designers


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