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ADS PAGES PVT LTD Privacy Policy

At ADS Pages Pvt Ltd, we prioritize the protection of your privacy. While we aim to deliver updated information and excellent services, we are committed to respecting your privacy and handling your information with care. Our privacy statement outlines our policies and practices in this regard


1. We implement electronic, digital, physical, and procedural safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of collected personal data. 2. Our data collection is restricted to the minimum necessary for optimal service provision. 3. Access to personal data is limited to authorized personnel requiring it for service delivery. 4. Personal data is not disclosed to external third parties unless with consent, under legal obligation, or prior notification. 5. Information collected includes company details, contact information, and nature of business when registering, using services, attending events, or communicating with us. 6. Failure to provide specific requested information may result in the inability to deliver certain services.

The information collected by us, both within and outside India, may be utilized for the following purposes 

1. Processing applications and the associated information. 2. Providing services and furnishing enquirers with relevant contact and business information for mutual benefit. 3. Supporting our operations, including database updates, research analysis, and event notifications such as exhibitions, expos, trade seminars, and buyer-seller meets. 4. Distributing publications, industry news, research materials, and technology/business information. 5. Promoting and marketing our events, as well as those organized by our partners. 6. Any other purposes related to the aforementioned activities.


We will keep the personal data confidential but may provide information to:

Authorized Personnel, Agents, Management, Advisers, Auditors, Contractors, Supporting Partners, and Service Providers associated with the event, its services, operations, and promotions in India and abroad. Additionally, authorized individuals under confidentiality obligations to us and those to whom disclosure is mandated by applicable Indian laws governing the right to information. We disclaim liability and responsibility for third-party information usage, as we lack control or authority over its utilization


When accessing our website via computer or smartphone, the web server may request Cookies to personalize settings. Cookies, pieces of data stored in your hard drive, enable the web server to recognize previous visits. By analyzing your preferences, Cookies help provide interactive and personalized services, and improve our services based on traffic statistics. Please note, rejecting Cookies may disable certain functionality. You can adjust your browser settings to accept or reject Cookies, optimizing your website experience.


Your information and personal data are safeguarded with password protection, accessible only to authorized employees and personnel. This data is strictly utilized for service and information dissemination purposes that we deem beneficial to you. We recommend logging out and closing the browser window after accessing our platform from a public device to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.


while we ensure that hyperlinks do not violate your privacy, we provide links to other websites for your convenience. when you navigate to external platforms, our privacy policies cease to apply, and any information you share is at your discretion. please refer to the privacy policies of those websites to ensure your data is protected


Our policies may be reviewed, revised, or updated periodically. we encourage you to review them regularly to ensure satisfaction


By agreeing to our terms of use and using our digital services, you consent to the collection of personal and business information as outlined here, unless otherwise required by law. To update or modify your data, please contact us at

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